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Name Washington, D.C.

Associated Records

OH 0139 - Oral History Collection

Sarah McClendon oral history, conducted by Cynthia Swanson, GFWC WHRC Director, on 18 April 1997 in Washington, D.C. Sarah, a native of Tyler, Texas, graduated from the University of Missouri in 1931 with a degree in journalism. She worked for local newspapers in Tyler and Beaumont, Texas until 1942 when she volunteered for the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) and was assigned to the Pentagon. After her honorable discharge in 1944, she worked as the Washington correspondence for the Philadelphia Daily News. She founded McClendon News Service in 1946 and wrote two books on her press coverage of U.S. Presidents ("My Eight Presidents," 1978, and "Mr. President, Mr. President," 1996.)

Image of MAG 1918.10 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1918.10 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, October 1918 Contents: The Woman's Committee/ by Anna Howard Shaw Art Department Report/ by Mrs. Cyrus E. Perkins Art during the War/ by Dudley Crafts Watson Spring in the Heart (poem)/ by Breta Alexander Garvey A Reading Army/ by Mrs. True Worthy White Club Woman's Course at Winthrop college A Christian Fiend/ by Rachel Capen Schauffler For Santa Claus and Uncle Sam Women in the Revolution, chapter from the heart of Russia/ by Bessie Beatty Editorial A Statement from the Directors of the Magazine War, Women and Clothes Women's Costume in War Time/ by M.D.C. Crawford The Art of Appearance/ by Bertha Holley State Federation Meetings The New D

Image of MAG 1929.02 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1929.02 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, February 1929 Table of Contents: Cover design; p. 1 Our president's page; p. 4 Mrs. Sipple writes on women and peace; p. 5. Dues discussion made entertaining; p. 6. Publicity from standpoint of the club woman; p. 7. Muskegon-teasure city; p. 8. Correlated welfare program outlined; p. 10. World affairs command women's interest; p. 11. The use of motion pictures in club work; p. 12. Politics is community thinking; p. 14. Key homes constitute an ideal; p. 15. Board meeting offers interest and thrills; p. 18 and 19. Research and printing department reports; p. 22.Federation News and publicity reports; p. 23. Editorial; p. 24 and 25. Our junior clu

Image of MAG 1929.03 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1929.03 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, March 1929 Table of Contents: Cover design-portrait of Mrs. Herbert Hoover; p. 1. Mrs. Sipple Broadcasts on investments; p. 5. Spain has distinctive woman movement; p. 6. Washington's legacy for education discussed; p. 8. What bird is the official warbler for your state; p. 9. Kansas City athenaeum Missouri's largest club; p. 10. GFWC wants six million farm women; p. 11. Conservation prize contest; p. 12. Roanoke County club has rustic clubhouse; p. 13. Save the Yosemite (prize poem); p. 13. To join or not to join-that is the question; p. 14. Thoughts on future motion picture production; p. 15. Rural billboard advertising menaces outdoor beauty; p

Image of MAG 1930.10 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1930.10 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, October 1930 Contents: Rhineland Club Women Visitors; p.5. The CLUBWOMEN GFWC; p.6. The Federation's New Definition/ by Mrs. A.H. Brenner; p.6. Some Factors in Academic Freedom/ by Zona Gale; p.7. Equalizing Educational Opportunities/ by Dr. Mary C. Burch; p.8. An Opportunity for Service/ by Dr. Willis A. Sutton; p.9. The George Washington Biennial/ by Mrs. Vaughn W. Root; p.12. Executive Committee Discuss Vacations; p.14. "Us Girls"/ by Roberta Christensen; p.17. Women's Clubs the World Around; p.18.

Image of MAG 2000.02 - Magazine Collection

MAG 2000.02 - Magazine Collection

GFWC Clubwoman, February-March 2000 Contents: The Top Five Reasons to Attend the GFWC Annual Convention/ p. 9. Celebrating the New Millennium by Lookin Back/ p. 11. Comforting Breast Cancer Patients/ p. 18. Save Outdoor Sculpture!/ p. 24. President's Notebook/ p. 4. Mystery Clubwoman/ p. 5. HQ&A/ p. 6. Watching Washington/ p. 7. Libraries 2000/ p. 17. Program Updates/ p. 21. Club News/ p. 25. News You Can Use/ p. 31.

Image of MAG 1942.05 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1942.05 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, May 1942 Contents: Mrs. Whitehurst glances backward and takes a long look; p.4. Suggestions for community action progrmas on rationing; p.6. Women on the home front/ by May Thompson Evans; p.7. Women can get in the scrap/ by Lossing J. Rosenwald; p.10. Rationing for victory/ by John E. Hamm; p.11. Your child and the war/ by Katherine F. Lenroot; p.12. How to use your war ration book; p.13. What has your club done for national defense?; p.14. The union of the women of the Americas; p.15. Juniors for victory; p.16.

Image of MAG 1942.11 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1942.11 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, November 1942 Contents: Mrs. Whitehurst reports the Chicago meeting; p.4. Message from Henry L. Stimson, secretary of war; p.6. The army wife/ by Mrs. George C. Marshall; p.7. The army nurse's career/ by Colonel Julia O. Flikkle; p.8. The new nursing program; p.9. Women in industry; p.10. The WAAC marches forward/ by Ovata Culp Hobby; p.12. Democracy at war meets a challenge/ by Colonol Harold N. Gilbert; p.13. Our men on British soil/ by Lt. Col. Harold B. Hinton; p.14. Clubwomen and the soldiers' recreation program/ by Florence Taafe; p.15.

Image of MAG 1949.09 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1949.09 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, September 1949 Contents: Bulletin board; p.1. GFWC President travels 'round the world; p.2. Juniors report; p.4. Status of women/ by Iva Gorton Sprague; p.13. Clubs busy in town betterment contest where no one can lost/ by Jessie Ash Arndt; p.15. Greece, and her women speak; p.18. GFWC board meeting; p.20. World cooperation/ by Sara A. Whitehurst; p.22. Streamlining the junior platform/ by Mrs. Hugh Butler; p.24. Program pointers; p.26. Parliamentary procedure/ by Mrs. Hampton Fleming; p.31. Looking out my window/ by Mildred White Wells; p.32.

MAG 1903.03 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, March 1903 Contents: Are Women Witty, Evelyn Greenleaf Sutherland Our Prayer, Mary Stuart Women in South Africa, Helen M. Stowe An Honor and a Privilege, Nora Elizabeth Barnhart Open Parliament, Emma A. Fox Club Study, Maud Elma Kingsley University Extension, Ella Adams Moore Book Talk, H.M.W. In the Art World, H.A.W. Domestic Science, Marion A. MacBride

Image of MAG 1923.01 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1923.01 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, January-February Contents: 'Women as a spiritual force' council keystone; p.1. And in her spare time she does other things; p.1. Makes nationwide study of mill-tax system; p.1. National garden week to be held April 22-28; p.1. Formal opening of headquarters in Washington brilliant affair; Makes capital world club-center; p.2. Uniform marriage, Jones substitute Indian land bill, Keyes bill, approved; p.3. Martha Foote Crow calls for poems; p.3. Mrs. White discusses laws affecting women, bills for child labor; p.4. G.F.W.C. cooperating with health foundation; p.4. District planning work for children; p,4. Companion offers $50 prize for criticism; p.

Image of MAG 1920.10 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1920.10 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, October 1920 Contents: To concentrate upon five national issues; p.1. Carillon as women's peace memorial proposed by arts club; p.1. Nat'l headquarters remain in Washington; p.1. Study course in citizenship issued by chairman of American citizenship department; p.2. Treasury department ask eleven specific things of club woman; p.2. Department of public welfare outlines extensive program for biennial period; p.3. Mrs. Cowles heads war-service board of directors club; p.3. Club and Organization news; p.4. State censorship of motion pictures urged by national division chairman/ by Florence Butler Blanchard; p.5. Vice-presidents are assigned special wo

Image of MAG 2002.06 - Magazine Collection

MAG 2002.06 - Magazine Collection

GFWC Clubwoman, June-July 2002 Contents: The New WWII Memorial/ p. 4. Photo Gallery: Australia or Bust/ p. 6. 2000-2002 Administration Report/ p. 8. Women's History Month/ p. 44. President's Page/ p. 5. Club Anniversaries/ p. 44. News You Can Use/ p. 45.

Image of MAG 2002.08 - Magazine Collection

MAG 2002.08 - Magazine Collection

GFWC Clubwoman, August-September 2002 Contents: Day of Service/ p. 8. Arts Department Award/ p. 15. Meet Your New Mentors/ p. 19. Join Us For Region Meetings/ p. 28. President's Notes/ p. 4. HQ+A/p. 5. Watching Washington/ p. 6. Program Updates/ p. 22. Club News/ p. 23. News You Can Use/ p. 31.

MAG 1941.11 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, November 1941 Contents: Mrs. Whitehurst comments/ by Mrs. John L. Whitehurst; p.4. Our country and the war/ by Cordell Hull; p.5. Why help the soviet union?/ by Sumner Welles; p.6. Democracy and the America's/ by Dr. L.S. Rowe; p.7. Americianism; p.8. Defense review; p.9. Occupation of Iceland/ by A. Randal Elliot; p.10. Motion pictures gird/ by Alice Ames Winter; p.12. Labor and industry speak/ by William Green, Phillip Murray, and Walter D. Fuller; p.13. State lines of defense; p.14.

Image of MAG 2002.10 - Magazine Collection

MAG 2002.10 - Magazine Collection

GFWC Clubwoman, October-November 2002 Contents: From the President/ p. 4. Sneak Preview: 2003 GFWC International Convention/ p. 5. On Target/ p. 6. Volunteers in Action/ p. 20. Program Updates/ p. 26. Watching Washington/ p. 28. Club Anniversaries/ p. 30. News You Can Use/ p. 31.

Image of MAG 1939.09 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1939.09 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, September 1939 Contents: Thomas Sully: Portraits of Captain John T. David and Mrs. Mary Sicard Davis; p.cover. Quote...unquote; p.3. Dear co-workers/ by Saidie Orr Dunbar; p.6. Club responsibilities bring their own reward/ by Mrs. John L. Whitehurts; p.7. Home safety and fire prevention/ by Katharine Fisher; p.8. Minnesota's gallery art show/ by Mrs. Charles A. Guyer; p.10. Gorgas home Alabama Shrine/ by Mrs. J. U. Reaves; p.11. Trained safety workers are greatly needed/ by Mrs. T.V. Moore; p.12. Headlines; p.14. Silhouettes of service in your home at headquarters; p.16. Headquarters: who's who and why; p.18. On the club woman's bookshelf/ by Mrs

Image of MAG 1939.01 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1939.01 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, January 1939 Contents: James Earle Fraser: Benjamin Franklin; p.cover. Quote...unquote; p.3. Dear co-workers/ by Saidie Orr Dunbar; p.6. General Federation board to meet; p.7. Golden jubilee/ by Mrs. John L. Whitehurst; p.8. Women's clubs go scientific/ by Dr. Henry Butler Allen; p.10. Building/ by Mrs. Earl B. Paggett; p.12. Do you know that-; p.12. Ceramics capture Iowa interest/ by Anna Lane Dixon; p.13. Golden jubilee subscription contest; p.14. New appointees join official family; p.15. Accidents can be reduced/ by Mrs. T.V. Moore; p.16. Headlines; p.18. Department of American citizenship; p.20. Department of education; p.22. Department

MAG 1940.06 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, June 1940 Contents: Winslow Homer: eight bells; p.cover. "It shall not return unto you void"/ by Mrs. Saidie Orr Dunbar; p.3. Expansion of defense asked by federation; p.4. Is this a decadent or a creative age?/ by Mrs. Albert Palmer; p.5. Prize winners at Milwaukee; p.5. National safety contest/ by Mrs. T.V. Moore; p.6. 1939 safety contest winners; p.6. Able speakers presented in Milwaukee; p.7. Golden jubilee nuggets; p.8. Urban and rural cooperation committee; p.10. Department of legislation; p.11. Purposes of education in American democracy; p.12. New public affairs pamphlet on chains; p.12. Golden jubilee subscription contest; p.13.

MAG 1941.12 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, December 1941 Contents: Mrs. Whitehurst comments; p.4. A righteous nation/ by Bishop Freeman; p.6. Character education today/ by Charles W. Taylor; p.7. Our public schools/ by Henry Lester Smith; p.8. A youth problem/ by W. Roy Breg; p.9. Who's who; p.10. Board meeting; p.12. The church today/ by Daniel A. Poling; p.13. State lines of defense; p.14. Juniors for defense; p.15. Defense review; p.16. A letter/ by Winnifred Mocock; p.17.