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Associated Records

OH 0256 - Oral History Collection

Oral history of the Oakton Women's Club in Virginia, including oral history interviews with members Charlotte Wineland and Jane Wood conducted by Linda Byrne on 17 September 2007 in Oakton, Virginia. Includes one VHS tape on the club and a DVD of the 2000 reception at GFWC Headquarters to celebrate the Oakton Women's Club's role in the donation of three acres of land for a library in Oakton, Virginia.

Image of OH 0031 - Oral History Collection

OH 0031 - Oral History Collection

Oral history Interview with Phyllis Roberts, GFWC International President (1986-1988), conducted by Cindy Swanson, WHRC Director, on 10 January 1994, at GFWC Headquarters in Washington, DC. Includes a 29-page transcript. Phyllis describes her involvement in club activities from her first club, the Jefferson Village Woman's Club in Falls Church, Virginia, through her presidency of the Virginia Federation of Women's Clubs (1970-1972), her presidency of the Southeastern Region (1976-1978), and her role as GFWC international president (1986-1988). She describes what it was like to live at GFWC Headquarters in Washington, D.C. and the various programs that she promoted and events in which she

OH 0123 - Oral History Collection

Videotape of oral history presented at the fortieth anniversary of the Woman's Club of Prince George County, Virginia, at the Fort Lee Officers Club in April 1995. The history was written and videotaped by Sally Young, club historian, 1994-1996. Includes a two-page history of the club.

OH 0315 - Oral History Collection

Oral history interviews with several members of the Woman's Club of Essex County, Virginia, conducted by Helen Ware and Anita Harrower on 18 May 2007. Includes an eight-page transcript. Interviewees are Helen Ware, Anita Harrower, Joan Paris, Margaret Ellis, Nancy Ball. The women describe how they became involved with the Woman's Club of Essex County and the club's programs over the years. Club projects included volunteering in the public schools, organizing an annual community luncheon, supporting Operation Smile, and helping to fund a new library.

MAG 1921.05 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, May 1921 Contents: Chairmen named for state travel groups; p.1. Salt Lake council program announced; p.1. Citizenship day program outline ready: Every club asked to observe July fourth; p.2. Russia's starving babies need Club Women's aid; p.2. Books acknowledged by headquarters; p.2. Federated presidents plan council reunion; p.2. "Anne Hutchinson" fund lacks $3,000; p.3. Little corner of home for Americans in Paris; p.3. Southeastern states council to be formed; p.3. Virginia directors to do bureau work; p.3. Georgia Federation issues state bulletin; p.3. Watch us grow; p.3. Club and Organization news; p.4.

Image of CON 1991.06 - Convention and Meeting Records

CON 1991.06 - Convention and Meeting Records

The One Hundredth Annual Convention of General Federation of Women's Clubs was held 8-10 June 1991 in Arlington, Virginia at the Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel. The GFWC Convention Records, 1991 consist of a call to convention letter, a convention program, a program commemorating the 100th Convention of the GFWC, and pamphlets from the Forum for the Future Symposium.

Image of CIP 1980-1982.01 - Community Improvement Projects

CIP 1980-1982.01 - Community Improvement Projects

The Woman's Club of Fredericksburg, Virginia, Community Improvement Program project, 1980-1982, was to establish a Stoke Club with the purpose of educating the public and stroke victims, and providing a place for people dealing with the effects of strokes to socialize. To successfully complete the project, the club involved the Easter Seal Society, physicians, social workers, and physical therapists to provide information relating to strokes and treatments. The club published a guide to literature about strokes available locally, and worked with the American Heart Association on developing guidelines for organizing Stoke Clubs in other communities. The club raised money by hosting a buff

Image of CIP 1970-1972.01 - Community Improvement Projects

CIP 1970-1972.01 - Community Improvement Projects

The Shenandoah Woman's Club, Shenandoah, Virginia, Community Improvement Program project, 1970-1972, was to build the Shenandoah Community Center, a multi-purpose facility with two tennis courts owned and operated by the Shenandoah Woman's Club. Starting in 1952, the Shenandoah Woman's Club worked to gather the necessary funds and support to complete the project. The club applied for and received a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant in 1970 for $84,000, approximately two-thirds of the center's cost. Additional funds were raised through a door-to-door campaign conducted in Shenandoah. The project records include project narrative, correspondence, newspaper clip

Image of MAG 2005.10 - Magazine Collection

MAG 2005.10 - Magazine Collection

GFWC Clubwoman, October-November 2005 Contents: 2005 Fall Board Meeting/ by Gabrielle Smith; p. 12. Yardwork: A Federation Facelift/ p. 16. From the President/ p. 4. 2006 International Convention/ p. 5. On Target/ p. 6. Volunteers in Action/ p. 22. Club News Tips/ p. 26. Program Updates/ p. 28. Club Anniversaries/ p. 30. News You Can Use/ p. 31.

Image of MAG 2010.06 - Magazine Collection

MAG 2010.06 - Magazine Collection

GFWC Clubwoman, June-July 2010 Contents: Letters/ p. 3. Programs Spotlight/ p. 4. Calendar Count Me In/ p. 5. Club Anniversaries/ p. 6. Region Conferences/ p. 7. GFWC Virgina Ansers the Call/ p. 9. 2008-2010 Administration Reports/ p. 10. Volunteers in Action/ p. 28.

Image of MAG 2010.09 - Magazine Collection

MAG 2010.09 - Magazine Collection

GFWC Clubwoman, September-October 2010 Contents: Letters From GFWC International President-Carlen Garner/ p. 3 Programs Spolight-Conservation, Education, Home Life/ p. 4 Calendar/ p. 5 Convention Corner/ p. 6 The 2010-2012 Club Manual-Your Source for Everything GFWC/ p. 7 Become A GFWC Mediator/ p. 8 Rake In New Members/ p. 9 Cultivating Our Future-A Recap of the 2010 GFWC Convention/ p. 10 Picture Perfect-A World in Pictures (Photos), A Year In Pictures (GFWC 2011 Calendar), GFWC Volunteers in Action Phots/ p. 14 A Country Magnifique-Explore France With GFWC/ p. 21 Club Anniversaries/ p. 22 Volunteers in Actino-Spotlight on GFWC Juniorettes/ p. 23 Museum Walk Weekend-GFWC P

Image of MAG 1968.03 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1968.03 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, March 1968 Contents: The President's page/ by Mrs. E.D. Pearce; p.8. Girlstown-the Michigan federation's investment in youth; p.10. 67,000 kindergartens for Virginia children; p.12. So you're a state chairman! and selling your program/ by Mrs. Earl J. Hazelton; p.14. How safe is the meat we eat; p.16. Program planning on teh subject of 'safe meat'/ Kathleen Abbott; p.18. Clubs in action-a photo layout; p.6. Clubs in action-news stories; p.22. On the nation's newsfront; p.19. GFWC junior clubs/ Mrs. Robert D. Silk; p.20. Parliamentary usage; p.24.

Image of 1976.004.1 - Quilt

1976.004.1 - Quilt

Bicentennial Quilt, 1976. Compiled by Eleanor D'Olivo, Rhode Island Arts and Crafts Chairman, from squares submitted by the states. This quilt is an embroidered variation of the "album quilt," which had its roots in Baltimore, Maryland in the mid-19th century. Although traditionally appliquéd, album quilts were generally created as special gifts, with various quilters providing the scenes that would tell a story or complete a sentiment. GFWC's Bicentennial Quilt not only celebrates an important moment in American history, but also echoes GFWC's long record of service supporting American culture, traditions, and historic landmarks.

CH VA 108 - Manuscript

Club history of the (VA) Drewryville Woman's Club, 1937-2007, consisting of a 2-page narrative originally written by Elizabeth Johnson and Virginia Yount in November 1991 and updated by Shirley Burgess and Virginia Yount in March 2007.

CH VA 107 - Manuscript

Club history of the (VA) Woman's Club of Arlington.

CH VA 106 - Manuscript

Club history of the (VA) Buena Vista Woman's Club of Buena Vista.

CH VA 105 - Manuscript

Club history of the (VA) Con-Terra Woman's Club of Concord.

CH VA 104 - Manuscript

Club history of the (VA) Federated Woman's Club of Petersburg.

CH VA 103 - Manuscript

Club history of the (VA) Fortnightly Club of Chase City.

CH VA 102 - Manuscript

Club history of the (VA) Woman's Club of Smithfield.