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MAG 1900.07 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, July 1900 Contents: The Story of the Fifth Biennial

MAG 1922.03 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, March 1922 Contents: Senators should hear from home-state folk; p.1. Mrs. Hughes accepts office on committee of Foreign relations; p.1. Low rates, alluring surroundings promised; p.1. Make good pictures pay to reform movies/ by Woodallen Chapman; p.2. Americanism; p.2. Clubwomen as authors of magazine articles; p.2. Mrs. Hays nominated for national secretary; p.2. A "Maine" feature for year book data; p.2. Buy a bolt of cotton goods to help business; p.2. Women serve as 'cops' to keep children safe; p.3. Slides of New Zealand and lecturer available; p.3. Clubwomen approve muscle shoals plan; p.3. Enlist youth in ranks of clubdom says leader; p.3

Image of MAG 1904.04 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1904.04 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, April 1904 Contents: The Club Woman, Woman's World, April 1904, published in New York. The official organ of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, the National Congress of Mothers, and the United States Daughters of 1812.

Image of MAG 1898.06 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1898.06 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, June 1898 Contents: Poetic Picnics by Hezekiah Butterworth An Open Letter by Alice Ives Breed The Large or the Small Club by Sara S. Platt Individual Responsibility by Anna W. Longstreth Cliffs and Pueblos of Colorado by Virginia Donaghe McClurg Poems by various poets All in the Day's Work, fiction General and State Federation News Club Study of Holland by May Alden Ward Open Parliament by Mrs. Edward S. Osgood

Image of MAG 1899.01 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1899.01 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, January 1899 Contents: A Club Woman's Protest by E.L.C. A Miss Page, fiction Mrs. Brown's Soliloquy by M.W. Hopper Parliamentary Usage by Emma C. Fox Three Minutes on Style by Cynthia Westover Alden English Letter from Jennie C. Croly The Anna Ticknor Library by Mary Morison Poems by various poets Club Study University Extension President's Corner Books General and State Federation Club Notes

Image of MAG 1901.05 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1901.05 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, May 1901 Contents: Clubs and the Culture-Germ by Roswell M. Field Growth in Club Life by Clara S. Carter 'Tis Better to Forget (verses) by Hezekiah Butterworth An Appeal for the Palisades by Elizabeth B. Vermilye Domestic Science in Ohio Club Study by May Alden Ward University Extension by Viola Price Franklin United States Daughters of 1812 Current Events The Open Arena: Which View Point? by Irma T. Jones How North Carolina Stands Another Southern View by Angie Warren Perkins Books General Federation News State Federation News

Image of MAG 1918.10 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1918.10 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, October 1918 Contents: The Woman's Committee/ by Anna Howard Shaw Art Department Report/ by Mrs. Cyrus E. Perkins Art during the War/ by Dudley Crafts Watson Spring in the Heart (poem)/ by Breta Alexander Garvey A Reading Army/ by Mrs. True Worthy White Club Woman's Course at Winthrop college A Christian Fiend/ by Rachel Capen Schauffler For Santa Claus and Uncle Sam Women in the Revolution, chapter from the heart of Russia/ by Bessie Beatty Editorial A Statement from the Directors of the Magazine War, Women and Clothes Women's Costume in War Time/ by M.D.C. Crawford The Art of Appearance/ by Bertha Holley State Federation Meetings The New D

MAG 1898.08 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, August 1898 Contents: "The Mellowing on Occasion" An Idyll of Society in Colorado The Story of the Fourth Biennial, detailed agenda The New Era Cooking School The Federation Special

Image of MAG 1917.07 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1917.07 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, July 1917 Contents: Message to all Club Women by Ione V.H. Cowles Editorial The Woman's Committee of the Council of National Defense Our Woman Suffrage Map, July 1917 Prohibition and War Our Poet Series VI-Anna Hempstead Branch by Edwin Markham Poems by Anna Hempstead Branch by Martha Foote Crow Our Poetry Prize Competition by Martha Foote Crow The Chicago Woman's Club "Does its Bit"

Image of MAG 1918.03 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1918.03 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, March 1918 Contents: Department of Legislation; p.3. When the Great Gray Ship Comes in; p.3. The Movies; p.4. An Incantation; p.4. Arkansas and the Biennial; p.5. Department of Literature and library Extension; p.6. The Biennial; p.7. What is War Work?/ by Helen S. Harrison; p.11. Department of Industrial and Social Conditions; p.13. Education and the Junior Red Cross/ by Henry McCracken; p.15. Silver Waters; p.16. The Women's Committee and the Children's Year/ by Jessica B. Peixotto; p.17. American Museum of Natural History instructs the Blind/ p.18. War Food/ by Kate Oglebay; p.19. Standardization-What it Means; p.21. Department of Educatio

Image of MAG 1916.06 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1916.06 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, June 1916 Contents: Editorial-The 13th Biennial and Its Message; p.12. From the Governor of New York; p.13. Convention Programs (Industrial and Social Conditions, Home Economics, Music, Legislation, Literature and library Extension, Public Health, Civics); p.14. Message from State Presidents; p.21. Suggestions from the Treasurer/ by Mrs. Wm. B. Williams; p 32. A Valedictory/ by Miss Lutie E. Stearns; p.32. Decoration for Convention Hall/ by Mrs. Elmer Black; p.32. Friendly Talk About Things That Are True/ by Mrs. Haryot Hold Dey; p.34. Permanent G.F.W.C. Headquarters Needed/ by Laura Wilson Johnson; p.36. Americanization of Foreign Born Women/ by F

Image of MAG 1920.02 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1920.02 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, February-March 1920

Image of MAG 1920.08 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1920.08 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, August 1920 Contents: Reorganization of departments of work; p.1. (continued on p.5.) President sends first greetings; p.1. (continued on p.7.) Resolutions adopted at prairie biennial; p.1. (continued on p.6.) Composite picture of golden biennial; many tributes paid Iowans; p.2. A tribute to Iowa women's hospitality; p.2. Officers, directors and departments of work 1920-1921 administration; p.3. The editors letter; p.4. Club and Organization notes; p.4. Overseas unit made permanant part of General Federation; p.5. Washington President is claimed by death; p.5. No mere man gave to this $12,000 budget; p.5.

Image of MAG 1927.12 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1927.12 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, December 1927 Contents: Portraits of Mrs. Coolidge and Mrs. Sherman Mrs. Sherman's Christmas Message Our President's Page Board of Directors to Meet American Home Follow-up Campaign Institute of Pacific Relations Glimpses of the Old World Fall State Conventions "On to Texas" Who's Who and Why Gifts of Books to Headquarters Library Our Junior Clubs Magic Casements, Poems of Our Day The Christ Child in Art (pictorial) Comparative Estimates of Films Editorial The Story of the NEWS Department of Fine Arts Book Reviews Headquarters

Image of MAG 1929.02 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1929.02 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, February 1929 Table of Contents: Cover design; p. 1 Our president's page; p. 4 Mrs. Sipple writes on women and peace; p. 5. Dues discussion made entertaining; p. 6. Publicity from standpoint of the club woman; p. 7. Muskegon-teasure city; p. 8. Correlated welfare program outlined; p. 10. World affairs command women's interest; p. 11. The use of motion pictures in club work; p. 12. Politics is community thinking; p. 14. Key homes constitute an ideal; p. 15. Board meeting offers interest and thrills; p. 18 and 19. Research and printing department reports; p. 22.Federation News and publicity reports; p. 23. Editorial; p. 24 and 25. Our junior clu

Image of MAG 1929.03 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1929.03 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, March 1929 Table of Contents: Cover design-portrait of Mrs. Herbert Hoover; p. 1. Mrs. Sipple Broadcasts on investments; p. 5. Spain has distinctive woman movement; p. 6. Washington's legacy for education discussed; p. 8. What bird is the official warbler for your state; p. 9. Kansas City athenaeum Missouri's largest club; p. 10. GFWC wants six million farm women; p. 11. Conservation prize contest; p. 12. Roanoke County club has rustic clubhouse; p. 13. Save the Yosemite (prize poem); p. 13. To join or not to join-that is the question; p. 14. Thoughts on future motion picture production; p. 15. Rural billboard advertising menaces outdoor beauty; p

Image of MAG 1930.10 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1930.10 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, October 1930 Contents: Rhineland Club Women Visitors; p.5. The CLUBWOMEN GFWC; p.6. The Federation's New Definition/ by Mrs. A.H. Brenner; p.6. Some Factors in Academic Freedom/ by Zona Gale; p.7. Equalizing Educational Opportunities/ by Dr. Mary C. Burch; p.8. An Opportunity for Service/ by Dr. Willis A. Sutton; p.9. The George Washington Biennial/ by Mrs. Vaughn W. Root; p.12. Executive Committee Discuss Vacations; p.14. "Us Girls"/ by Roberta Christensen; p.17. Women's Clubs the World Around; p.18.

Image of MAG 1931.09 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1931.09 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, September 1931 Contents: Club Home, Evanston, Illinois, Woman's Club; p.4. How Shall We Meet Peace Time Emergencies?/ by Mrs. John F. Sippel; p.5. President's Page; p.6. And Now Brooms Have Standards/ by Albert F. Allison; p.7. Why Degrade Art?/ by Florence Topping Green; p.8. Indiana Federation Owns Historic Home/ by Mrs. Hamet D. Hinkle; p.10. Wichita Club Steps Forward/ by Mrs. H.M. Dubois; p.11. City and Country Life Woven on Loom/ by Katherine Garland Vilas; p.12. Why Commemorate national Authors' Day/ by Nellie Verne Burt McPherson; p.13. Women's Clubs the World Around; p.18. Department of International Relations; p.20. Department of Fine A

Image of MAG 1931.12 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1931.12 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, December 1931 Contents: Coronation of the Virgin (Colign de Coter); p.4. Composite Christmas Greeting from the Executive Committee; p.5. The President's Page; p.6. Finish the Job/ by Dr. Kendall Emerson; p.7. Japanese Club Women on the March/ by Dr. Fred Field Goodsell; p.8. Here's a Fairy Tale That's True/ by Mrs. Alice L. Dean; p.10. Nebraska, Mississippi, North Carolina; p.11. The White House Conference One Year After/ by Dr. H.E. Barnard; p.12. The CLUBWOMEN GFWC for Christmas/ by Mrs. Frederick Glazier Smith; p.13. Women's Clubs the World Around; p.14. Department of Fine Arts; p.20. Department of American Home; p.22. Department of Internati

Image of MAG 1932.02 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1932.02 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, February 1932 Contents: North Carolina's Prize Winning Christmas Tree; p.4. Board of Directors of G.F.W.C. Meet; p.5. The President's Page; p.6. Wise Spending Study Program; p.7. "It's Up to the Women"/ by Loring A. Schuler; p.11. The George Washington Biennial/ by Mrs. John Dickinson Sherman; p.12. Oklahoma-Washington-Massachusetts; p.13. Way Down South/ by Mrs. C. Clifford Adams; p.14. Women to Discuss World Problems/ by Lena Madesin Phillips; p.15. Candidates for Office in the General Federation; p.16. Women's Clubs the World Around; p.22. Department of Education; p.24. Department of Legislation; p.26. Department of Public Welfare; p.27.