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Name Executive Committee

Associated Records

Image of MAG 1963.02 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1963.02 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, February 1963. Vol. 42 No. 6 Woman to Woman/ by Mrs. Dexter Otis Arnold; p. 4. Executive Committee Responsibility/ by Mrs. Earle A. Brown; 19. Panorama/ p. 20. The Lighted Way/ by John Edgar Hoover; p. 6. Preparing for Dynamic Maturity/ by William C. Fitch; p. 8. Helping New Americans Help America/ by Edward Corsi; p. 12. Clubs in Action/ p. 10. GFWC Juniors/ by Mrs. T. R. Houde; p. 16. Public Relations As I See It/ by Mildred Carlson Ahlgren; p. 23. Communique/ by GFWC Program Staff; p. 24.

Image of MAG 1992.06 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1992.06 - Magazine Collection

GFWC Clubwoman, Summer 1992 Contents: President's Message/ by Phyllis J. Dudenhoffer; p. 4. Increasing Membership Takes Planning/ by Doroth A. Dimond; p. 6. Watching Washington/ p. 7. President's Report/ p. 2-A. Executive Committee/Awards/ p. 3-A. Directorships and Sponsors/ p. 4-A. Statistical Report/ p. 5-A. GFWC Programs of Action/ p. 6-A. State Accomplishments/ p. 10-A. GFWC Staff/ p. 20-A. Chairmen and Committees/ p. 22-A. Region Presidents and Honorary Past Presidents/ p. 23-A. 2nd Century Endowment Individual Donors/GFWC Headquarters Named National Historic Landmark/ p. 9. GFWC Media Survey/ p. 10. Junior Perspectives/ by Lee Humphrey; p. 11. Club News/ p. 12. Have

Image of MAG 1998.06 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1998.06 - Magazine Collection

GFWC Clubwoman, June-July 1998 Contents: President's Perspective/ p. 5. Strategic Plan/ p. 6. President's Special Project/ p. 7. Junior Director's Report/ p. 8. Junior Special Project/ p. 9. Global Perspectives/ p. 10. Operation Smile/ p. 11. Program Reports/ p. 12. State Reports/ p. 19. International Club Reports/ p. 34. President for a Day/ p. 35. WIMSA Dedication/ p. 35. Executive Summary/ p. 36. Libraries 2000/ p. 40. P.R. Harris Educational Center/ p. 40. Croly Contest Winners/ p. 41. "Washington Post" Article about GFWC/ p. 42. Public Policy Report/ p. 44. Women of Achievement/ p. 45. 1996-98 Administration & Staff/ p. 45.

Image of AV 047 - Film

AV 047 - Film

Video features news piece from News 7 in Washington discussing GFWC's "Letters to Saddam" letter-writing campaign. In an attempt to raise awareness of the atrocities committed by the Iraqi government during the First Gulf War, the GFWC Executive Committee accepted a proposal from a GFWC Maryland club to write letters to Saddam. Clubwomen from around the world joined in the campaign, and the letters were eventually delivered to the Iraqi Chancellory in New York City. The news piece states that 10,000 letters were written as a part of the campaign.