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MAG 1936.05 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, May 1936 Contents: Rembrandt Van Rijn: Elizabeth Bas; p.cover. The President's message/ by Mrs. Roberta Campbell Lawson; p.4. Supreme court holds Hawes-Cooper law constitutional/ by Mrs. Clarence Fraim; p.5. Pennsylvania works for the blind/ by Mrs. Felix Stehle; p.6. The opportunity for women's clubs in cancer control/ by Dr. Clarence Cook Little; p.8. Club houses great and small; p.10. A club president's obligation/ by Mrs. Edward L. Freeman; p.12. The magazine marathon/ by Catherine Ford; p.13. North, East, West, South; p.14. Books and authors; p.16. Junior club women; p.17. Department of education; p.18. Department of fine arts; p.20. Depar

MAG 1938.01 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, January 1938 Contents: A. Phimister Proctor: the pioneer mother; p.cover. The President's message/ by Mrs. Roberta Campbell Lawson; p.6. The board of directors meets; p.7. The three eternal temptations/ Dorothy Thompson; p.8. Missouri invites you/ by Mrs. David S. Long; p.10. Canidates for office in the general federation; p.12. Committee on federation extension; p.17. Highway safety program for states; p.18. North, East, West, South; p.20. Junior Club women; p.22. Department of education; p.24. Character education-the greatest need of our time/ by J.M. Artman; p.24. Character eduation-human relationships/ by Supt. J.O. Christianson; p.25. Depa

Image of MAG 1938.06 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1938.06 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, June 1938 Contents: Portrait of Saidie Orr Dunbar/ by Dorothy Smoot; p.cover. From Oregan a leader/ by Dr. Clara B. Burdette; p.4. A tribute to Mrs. Dunbar/ by Dr. Marshall N. Dana; p.5. Pictorial reflections of the triennial; p.6. "Dear co-workers"; p.7. The triennial in retrospect; p.8. "Adjusting democracy for human welfare"/ by Saidie Orr Dunbar; p.11. Economic approach to world peace/ by Mr. W.W. Waymack; p.12. Women can abolish crime overnight/ by Mr. J. Edgar Hoover; p.13. Revisions and resolutions; p.14. There have been other Aprils (poem)/ by Mrs. Robert E. Guthrie; p.14. Making a living and living a life/ by Mary Sue Wigley; p.15. "Mea

Image of MAG 1917.03 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1917.03 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, March 1917 Contents: Prayer In Observance of Baby Week; p.2. Editorials; p.3. President's Letter/ by Mrs. Josiah Evans Cowles; p.6. Council Meeting at New Orleans; p.7. Our Poet Series-IV; p.9. Florence Wilkinson, Poet/ by Martha Foote Crow; p.10. Activities of New York Club Women; p.11. How We Befriend the Birds/ by Harriet Williams Meyers; p.12. Arkansas Plans for the Next Biennial/ by Mrs. James J. Read; p.15. Leslie Woman Suffrage Bequest; p.16. Parliamentary Procedure/ by Mrs. Emma A. Fox; p.17. Birth Control and the Law/ by Mrs. John H. Williams; p.18. The Wonderful, Wonderful Stars/ by Mrs. Winifred Sackville Stoner; p.19. Better Films F

Image of MAG 1911.03 - Magazine Collection

MAG 1911.03 - Magazine Collection

General Federation Clubwoman, March 1911 [Missing cover] California club houses; p. 279. Managers for the Eleventh Biennial; p. 289. The Story of a woman's Club; p. 291. President's message; p. 292. Department of music; p. 293. Conservation department, the protection of birds; p. 294. Legislative department, bills recommended; p. 297. Art department; p. 298. Public health department; p. 301. Tacoma requirements; p. 302. F-L-Y spells death, disease, and drudgery; p. 303. Press committee, Utah; p. 305. Idaho; p. 307. Wyoming; p. 308. Washington; p. 308. Council meeting at Memphis, Tenn.; 310. Appreciate the Bulletin; p. 311. Editorial; p. 312. Report of a child labor con

2013.001 - Ornament, Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Ornament depicting the Ivisowld Carriage House.

Image of CH TX 003 - Manuscript

CH TX 003 - Manuscript

Club history of the Shakespeare Club of Waxahachie, Texas, founded in 1897. Record includes a history of the Ellis County Woman's building and photographs submitted for the "This Place Matters" campaign, a partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, supported by GFWC clubwomen in 2009.

Image of CH MI 006 - Manuscript

CH MI 006 - Manuscript

Club history of the (MI) Ladies Library Association of Kalamazoo, includes clubhouse history booklet, article from the Kalamazoo Gazette, 28 October 2011, "Ladies' Library Association planning a big celebration;" and "Ladies' Library Association: 160-year old organization maintains relevance in modern world," from Encore (March 2012).

CH MS 013 - Manuscript

Club history of the (MS) Cleveland Woman's Club of Cleveland.

CH CA 081 - Manuscript

Club history of (CA) We and Our Neighbors Woman's Club, includes one-page GFWC Historic Clubhouse Survey.

CH CA 084 - Manuscript

Club history of the (CA) Pixley Woman's Club founded in 1924. Three-pages of the manuscript were written by Mrs. C. H. Olsson. 15 August 1942; two-pages compiled after 1942, no date provided.

HQ1439.D4 G65 2002 - Book

The (CO) Woman's Club of Denver is featured as a stop on "Tour Two: Park Hill and Capitol Hill" (pg. 38) and the Sarah Platt Decker Library is on "Tour Five: South Denver" (pg. 86).

NA7920 .W87 1928 - Book

Contents: Views of a clubhouse de luxe -- Financing the clubhouse -- Building the clubhouse -- Club interiors illustrated -- Making the clubhouse pay -- Club dining rooms -- Club auditoriums -- Club kitchens -- Clubhouses here and there -- Swimming pools and gymnasiums -- pictures of swimming pools -- Clubhouses in the making.

SH FL 009 - Manuscript

National Register of Historic Places Multiple Property Documentation Form: Contents -- I. Early Formation of Women's Clubs in Florida, 1895-1915 -- II. Florida Land Boom, 1921-1926 -- III. Great Depression, World War II and Aftermath, 1929-1995 -- IV. National Association of Colored Women's Clubs, 1896-1995. Continuation sheets describe various architectural styles of clubhouses and significance of historic women's club clubhouses of Florida.

Image of CH CA 085 - Manuscript

CH CA 085 - Manuscript

Club history of the (CA) Woman's Club of Indio excerpted from a report delivered at the 50th anniversary celebration, 18 November 1962, and includes clubhouse building information. Materials related to the club's 100th anniversary celebration, 25 February 2012, called "Celebrating a Century of Women with Taste," including photo book, event programs, and invitations, newspaper article covering the event. Updated Club History entitled "The 2012 Presiscope: Strenght through Unity The Woman's Club of Inio 1912-2012" donated in May, 2013. Also other documents and materials including a pen and pin donation May, 2013.

CH CA 086 - Manuscript

Club history of the (CA) Ojai Valley Woman's Club, includes clubhouse building information. History submitted with the GFWC Historic Clubhouse Survey, 2004.

Image of CH CA 090 - Manuscript

CH CA 090 - Manuscript

Club history of the Fallbrook Woman's Club of Fallbrook, California, originally named the Saturday Afternoon Club, founded in 1907 and federated in 1910. Record includes a clubhouse history and photograph submitted for the "This Place Matters" campaign, a partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, supported by GFWC clubwomen in 2009.

CH FL 066 - Manuscript

GFWC Historic Clubhouse Survey of the (FL) Pine Castle Women's Club.

Image of CP NJ 009 - Clubhouse Photograph Collection

CP NJ 009 - Clubhouse Photograph Collection

Exterior and interior view of the clubhouse of the Woman's Club of Camden, New Jersey.