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Catalog Number PRO 1952-1954
Collection Program Records
Notes Scope and Content: The General Federation of Women's Clubs Program Records consist of materials created by GFWC departments, departmental divisions, standing and special project committees, and Headquarters staff to support and promote the community service work of GFWC clubwomen. It contains published correspondence, reports, brochures, leaflets, bulletins, newsletters, press releases, study outlines, information sheets, program kits, and other educational materials.

The records are arranged chronologically by GFWC administration and then by departments and committees, according to the Federation's structure during that administration. Published administration directories serve as guides to each administration's organizational structure. Unless otherwise noted in the directories, legislation and publicity bulletins and press releases distributed from GFWC Headquarters are filed at the end of each administration.

Extant unpublished correspondence relating to GFWC programs may be found in records of the GFWC Board of Directors and GFWC International Presidents. Please contact the GFWC Women's History and Resource Center for further information.

Title GFWC Program Records, 1952-1954
Year Range from 1952.0
Year Range to 1954.0
Extent of Description 1.35 cubic ft. (68 folders)
Description GFWC Program Records, created during the administration of GFWC President Mildred Carlson Ahlgren, 1952-1954:

Folder 1: Constitutions and bylaws, 1953,1954.

Folder 2: Directory, 1952-1954

Folder 3: GFWC President Ahlgren's letter to board and committee members with the objectives of the 1952-1954 administration, 6 June 1952; and letter to state presidents regarding a scholarship in psychiatric nursing at Norton Memorial Infirmary, Louisville, Kentucky, 10 November 1952.

Folder 4: GFWC overviews, including booklets and a script on GFWC's history, purpose, and programs.

Departments of Work

Folder 5: Americanism Department bulletins and information sheets, compiled by chairman Sara A. Whitehurst.

Folder 6: Americanism Department, Americanism Campaign kit, program outline, and related resolutions.

Folder 7: Americanism Department topical study guides, arranged alphabetically by title (B-R).

Folder 8: Americanism Department topical study guides, arranged alphabetically by title (S-W).

Folder 9: Americanism Department, Independence Hall Restoration project kit, program outline, and related radio and television scripts.

Folder 10: Americanism Department, Independence Hall Restoration Fund honor roll of contributions (bound volume)

Folder 11: Americanism Department, Independence Hall Restoration Fund honor roll of contributions (bound volume; copy 2)

Folder 12: American Home Department program booklet.

Folder 13: American Home Department, Family Living and Mothercraft Division plan for club year, 1953-1954, and certificate for course of study.

Folder 14: American Home Department, Garden Division newsletters and information sheets.

Folder 15: American Home Department, American Antiques Division program outline, book list, and calendar of events.

Folder 16: Communications Department program booklet.

Folder 17: Communications Department, Motion Picture Division newsletters, information sheets, report, and booklet on the Motion Picture Production Code and censorship.

Folder 18: Communications Department, Press and Publicity Division rules for press book contest, 1952-1953.

Folder 19: Conservation Department national program booklet and booklet prepared by the GFWC Southeastern Region.

Folder 20: Conservation Department, Water and Soil Division bulletin on the "Clean Waters for our Town" essay contest, April 1953.

Folder 21: Conservation Department, Forests and Recreation Division bulletin and program plan for developing "Youth Forests," 9 November 1953.

Folder 22: Conservation Department, Minerals and Wildlife Division bulletings.

Folder 23: Education Department program booklets, newsletters, and information sheets.

Folder 24: Education Department, Adult Education Division national and state reports.

Folder 25: Education Department, Epsilon Sigma Omicron Division program booklet, and chairman's letter to state presidents, 5 June 1952.

Folder 26: Education Department, Guidance Division newsletter and report.

Folder 27: Education Department, Libraries Division bulletin concerning distribution of the new GFWC history "Unity in Diversity" by Mildred White Wells, 6 January 1954.

Folder 28: Education Department, Public Education Division summary of state reports, 1952-1953.

Folder 29: Fine Arts Department program booklet, and correspondence and programs related to GFWC's Second Fine
Arts Festival, held in Chicago, Illinois, 18-22 August 1953.

Folder 30: Fine Arts Department, Art and Penny Art Division overview of the Penny Art Fund's history, information sheet on 1953 art and photography contests, and guidelines for 1954 Art Talent Contest for high school seniors, sponsored by Hallmark.

Folder 31: Fine Arts Department, Drama and Pageantry Division newsletters and information sheets.

Folder 32: Fine Arts Department, Literature Division book lists, bulletin, and report of the 1953-1954 poetry contest.

Folder 33: Fine Arts Department, Music Division newsletters and study guides.

Folder 34: International Affairs Department program booklet, and agenda of the Leaders' Conference on Inter-American Affairs, sponsored by GFWC and the Inter-American Commission of Women, held in Washington, D.C., 12-14 October 1953.

Folder 35: International Affairs Department, Council of International Clubs program booklet and directory of international clubs.

Folder 36: International Affairs Department, Council of International Clubs newsletters and information sheets.

Folder 37: International Affairs Department, Council of International Clubs, Projects and Programs Committee bulletins.

Folder 38: International Affairs Department, United Nations Division overview of six years of UN accomplishments, compiled by Division chairman Constance A. Sporberg, Accredited GFWC Observer at the UN.

Folder 39: International Affairs Department, United Nations Division, United Nations Specialized Agencies [Sub] Division study course, compiled by sub-division chairman Margaret Long Arnold.

Folder 40: National Defense Department, Civil Defense Division bulletins.

Folder 41: National Defense Department, Consumer Division bulletins.

Folder 42: National Defense Department, Defense Mobilization Division information sheets.

Folder 43: National Defense Department, Housing Division bulletins.

Folder 44: National Defense Department, Recruitment Division bulletins.

Folder 45: National Defense Department, U.S. Defense Bonds Division newsletters.

Folder 46: Public Affairs Department program booklet, and bulletin, 16 November 1953.

Folder 47: Public Affairs Department, Legislation Division program suggestions for state chairmen.

Folder 48: Public Affairs Department, Legislation Division, Legislative Research Director Sally Butler's bulletins, correspondence, and statements related to GFWC's legislative interests, October 1952-July 1953.

Folder 49: Public Affairs Department, Legislation Division, Legislative Research Director Sally Butler's bulletins, correspondence, and statements GFWC's legislative interests, September 1953-May 1954.

Folder 50: Public Affairs Department, Community Service Division bulletin on Americanism and template for community survey.

Folder 51: Public Affairs Department, Economic Security Division information sheets with program suggestions and leaflet on finance forums.

Folder 52: Public Affairs Department, Indian Welfare Division bulletins and information sheets.

Folder 53: Public Affairs Department, Safety Division leaflet on traffic safety, information sheets, contest winners, and reports.

Folder 54: Public Affairs Department, Youth Cooperation Division bulletin on partnering with Camp Fire Girls and Girl Scouts, 20 November 1952.

Folder 55: Welfare Department program booklet, and letter from chairman to state chairmen, 11 January 1953.

Folder 56: Welfare Department, Child Welfare Division newsletters and report.

Folder 57: Welfare Department, Health Division bulletins and information sheets.

Folder 58: Welfare Department, Mental Health Division progress report, 15 January 1953.

Junior Clubs

Folder 59: Junior Clubs manual, consisting of a program booklet, 1952-1954, and 1953-1954 supplement.

Folder 60: Junior Clubs information sheet on Stamps for the Wounded and list of State Chairmen of Junior Clubs, 1953.

Folder 61: Junior Clubs, Family Councils Division, articles on creating family councils in the home.

(See Junior Membership Records, 1952-1954, for additional records.)


Folder 62: Club Institutes Committee program booklet.

Folder 63: Federation Extension Committee program leaflet and bulletins.

Folder 64: Resolutions Committee booklets, January 1953 and September 1953.

Folder 65: Revisions Committee quiz for clubs of not more than 100 members.

Special Project: GFWC History

Folder 66: Report on the project by author Mildred White Wells, 1953; and advertising leaflets for the book Unity in Diversity (1953)

Folder 67: Commemorative plate order form from 1953 fundraising committee.

GFWC Headquarters

Folder 68: Headquarters News Service press releases, 1952-1954, including scripts of presentations at the annual GFWC Conventions.

People Ahlgren, Mildred Carlson
Whitehurst, Sara Anderson
Sporborg, Constance Amberg
Arnold, Margaret Long
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Independence Hall Restoration Project
Southeastern Region
Epsilon Sigma Omicron
Fine Arts Festival
Penny Art Fund
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Convention and Meetings Records
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